Get the Goods... for Less Dough!

As you open the door, you see a dingy, half-lit office cluttered with files, papers and other miscellanea. The rain-soaked streets glisten with every blink of the flashing neon sign across the street, which filters in through the Venetian blinds.

Sitting behind the desk is a dame -- not your ordinary, everyday kind of dame either. No, sir. This one is special; the kind of lady who knows how to get things accomplished.

You throw a file on her desk, amidst a veritable sea of paperwork and dog-eared photos.

"I need a job done and I need it done right. My new company is in need of a logo and there ain't much time to spare."

She flips through the file briefly and then looks up at you, making eye contact for the first time since you stepped through the door.

Her voice is confident and sultry. "It looks like you came to the right place, mister."


Midnite City Graphic Design is the freelance identity for Cynthia Celeste Miller, a graphic designer who offers first rate services for a price that won't leave your wallet empty.


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